Product Line Card

Industrial Sales


Material Handling Equipment:

            Forklifts- All types, sizes, capacities

            Storage Products- Racks, package racks, shelving, cabinets, lockers, bins, pallets

            Dock Equipment- Boards, dock levelers, shelters, dollies, lights, seals, plates

            Attachments and Accessories- All popular items and specific designs

            Misc.- Hoists, dumpers, conveyors, robotics, labeling, packaging, automation


Plant Maintenance Equipment:

            Aerial Work Equipment- Scissors, booms, ladders, light-heavy duty

            Utility Vehicles- Scooters, trailers, passenger, burden, rough terrain

            Office and Mezz.- Pre-engineered structures, inside, outside, 2-story

            Balers and Compactors- Vertical balers, compactors, shredders, containers

            Motive Power- Batteries, chargers, accessories, and handling equipment


Floor Care Equipment:

            Sweepers- Walkies, riders, electric, internal combustion and manual

            Scrubbers- Walkies, riders, electric, internal combustion and manual

            Scarifiers- Electric, internal combustion

            Pressure Washers- Small, big, hot, cold, steam units

            Vacs and Pumps- Electric, internal combustion, full capacity range


Floor Treating Materials:

            Prep. Products- Degreasers, strippers, membrane removers, etching solutions

            Restoration Products- Flexible joint sealers, patching products, leveling

            Sealers- Hardeners, acrylics, epoxies, urethanes

            High Performance Coatings- Urethanes, chemical resistant, epoxies- thin film

            Resurfacers- Epoxies, solvent free, cementitious, self leveling and trowel types

            Maintenance/Sanitation Products- Cleaners, detergents, disinfectants, low temp.


Customer Service Support:

            Parts- Forklifts, aerials, sweeper/scrubbers, washers, racks/shelving

            Service- Equipment, accessories, floors

            Renatl/Lease- Material handling, plant maintenance, floor care

            Training- Driver/operator programs, train-a-trainer, project installations

            Installation- Trucks, racks/shelving, docks, offices/buildings/mezz, floors


 Material Handling Equipment



            Electric Couterbalanced- 
            Narrow Isle- 
            Walkie/Stacker/Pallet Trucks- 
            Internal Combustion/Cushion Tire- 
            Internal Combustion/Pneumatic Tire- 
            Tow Tractors- 
            Rough Terrain and Truck Mounted- 

Storage Products:

            Racks- Wireway Husky, Meco, Space Rack, RUR, Interlake

            Shelving- Hallowell, Republic, Penco

            Cabinets- Penco, Russau, Stor-Loc

            Bins- Akro Mills, Roto Bins

            Totes- Cargotainer, Lewis

            Pallets- Menesha, Orbis, Jarke


Dock Equipment:

            Boards/Plates- MLM, Pioneer, Bluff

            Dock Levelers- Bluff, Pioneer, ATI 
            Seals- Wesco, Pioneer, Economax

            Shelters- Wesco

            Lights- Vestil

            Dollies/Platform Trucks- Valley Craft, Jesco, Cumberland, Hodges

            Accessories- Shock Switch, Scales, Emission Controls, Cabs, Etc.



            Forks- Atlas, Faulkenroth, Kenhar

            Shifters/Positioners- JHCO, Cascade, Riteline

            Clamps- Cascade, BCI, 
            Rams- Arrow, Atlas

            Rotators- Cascade, JHCO

            Specials- Custom-built to suit

            Accessories- Shock Switch, Scales, Emission Controls, Cabs, Etc.



            Hoists- C&M, Coffins, Jet

            Drum Handling Equip.- Morse, Lift O Matic, Wesco

            Conveyors- Nestafex, Bilt-Rite, TCF, Rapid Industries

            Robotics- Spanco, Unitech Industries

            Labeling- Brady, Webber

            Packaging- Lantech Stretchwrap Systems, Wesco

            Automation- PMH, FMC, Portec, Semi & Fully Automated Systems


Note: Other brands can be obtained through our various strategic alliances, POR!



 Plant Maintenance Equipment


Aerial Equipment:
            Man Lifts- Billjax, Cotterman
            Ladders- Cotterman, Louisville, Wing

            Work Stages- Vestil, Lifting Technologies, Columbia, Langsenkamp

            Slings- Caldwell, Lifting Technologies

            Elevators- Wildeck, P-Flow



            Personnel- EZ-GO, 
            Burden Carries- EZ-GO, 
            Rough Terrain- EZ-GO, Pug Power

            Trailers- Tigerline, Billjax, Liftime, Loadmaster

            Pusher/Pullers: Master Mover, Power Mover, Cart Caddy, Prime Mover


Office and Mezzanines:

            Modular Office- Ebtech, Starrcco, National Partitions

            Out Buildings/Shacks- Starrcco, Provinicial Partitions, SafetyStorage, US Coolers

            Mezzanines- W.A. Schmitt, Wildeck

            Wire Partitions- Ford, Folding Gate, Jarke

            Protective Equipment- Torbeck, Vestil, Jarke


Balers and Compactors:

            Balers- Philadelphia Tramrail, Bailmaster

            Compactors- Philadelphia Tramrail

            Self Contained Units- Philadelphia Tramrail

            Shredders- Pac Master, Williams

            Crushers and Pulverizers- Williams


Motive Power:

            Batteries- Deka, Enersys, GNB, Trojan, Interstate 

            Chargers- Prestolite, Mac, Hertner

            Accessories- Philadelphia Scientific

            Battery Handing Systems- MTC, BHS, Sackett

            Fuel Handling- Meeco, BCI, Hodges


 Floor Care Equipment



            Factory Cat
            Minuteman-Power Boss


            Alto-American Lincoln



            Factory Cat
            Minuteman-Power Boss


            Alto-American Lincoln







Pressure and Steam Washers:






            Shop Vac

 Floor Treating Materials


Cleaning Products:

            Detergent Cleaners


            Etching Solutions

            Solvents, Membrane Removers

            Strippers, Paints, Varnishes, Urethanes

Prokleen - Floor Cleaning Materials

CODE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                                     GALLONS: 1 5 55 BULK
1000 CITRUS DETERGENT CLEANERGeneral purpose cleaner based on d-limonene agents for use in odor sensitive areas, formulated for auto scrubber and manual use.  
1100 ACIDEX CLEANEREtching solution and detergent designed for manual or in-machine uses. Food for calcified and powdered dirt, floor, prep.  
1110 ACIDEX CONDITIONERBuffered etching solution designed for manual or equipment use in floor prep coating; dilution ratio 5:1
2000 DETERGENT CLEANERAll purpose commercial cleaner for use in auto scrubbers on tile, coated floors and other light duty applications.  
3000 PINE DETERGENT CLEANERMedium duty scrubber formula with smell and disinfecting properties of neutral pine oil for warehouse and light manufacturing uses.  
4000 HEAVY DUTY DETERGENT CLEANERFor auto scrubbers in heavy manufacturing, greasy, oily applications.  
4100 HEAVY DUTY DETERGENT CLEANER-N.B.Same aggressive cleaning as the heavy duty formula but without butyl to alleviate environmental concerns. 
4200 EXTRA H.D. DETERGENT CLEANERThe strongest industrial cleaner available for use in auto scrubber to degrease and dissolve rubber marks and remove tough dirt through soaking action and agitation.   
5000 LOW TEMPERATURE CLEANERA pre-mixed ready to use solution for general cleaning in below freezing cleaning applications. (down to  -20F) 
6100 PRESSURE WASHER DETERGENTFast acting hot or cold water formulation with fast wetting and acting ingredients. 
6200 STEAM CLEANER DETERGENTExclusive high temperature alkaline based formula for general cleaning applications. 
7000 SOLVENT/CLEANERHigh strength solvent for fast cleaning and stripping of stubborn soils, rubber, membranes and some finishes. *shipped in steel containers
7100 ENVIROSOLVEnvironmentally friendly pure citrus terpine based highly concentrated solvent cleaner used for tire marks and other extreme cleaning applications.
7300 ENVIROSTRIPEnvironmentally friendly stripper for most paints, stripes and markings
7310 H.D. STRIPPERDichloromethane base aggressive stripper of paints, varnishes; use straight 15 sf/gal
7400 FUNGISIDAL ADDITIVEDetergent additive to fight bacteria dilution ratio .50z/gal of used solution

POWDERED DETERGENT CLEANEROrange          Highest Active IngredientsWhite            Most EconomicalEconomy       Formulated for auto-scrubbers
8500 ACID NEUTRALIZING POWDERDesign to neutralize acid spills, soda ash, etc. Use straight powder on spill.
9150 BOTTLE PUMP2 oz./Stroke
9160 PAIL PUMP8 oz/Stroke
 90509060 LIQUID DETERGENT PROPORTIONERSingle drum, screw adjustable orifice. 162-6H.D. Dual drum, fixed orifice.              652-        



Cleaning Methods:
            Shot Blasting
Saw Cutting

Preparation Products:
            Primer, Solvent Based 
Primer, Water Based
Bonding Additive

 Restoration Products:
            Thin Coat Resurfacers @ 1/16”

            Thick Coat Resurfacers @ 1/8” 
            High Build Systems @ 1/4”

            Quartz Systems

            Patching Materials

            Joint Filler

Sealers-Penetrating Type:






Coatings-High Performing Type:

            Urethanes (MCU & VOC compliant)

            Chemical Resistant Urethanes (CRU)

            Epoxy Systems- Thin Film


Speciality Products and Features:

            Colors and Pigments

            High Wear/Abrasion Resistance

            Extreme Chemical Acid Resistance

            Electrostatic Dissipative Capabilities

            Quick Cure

            Ultraviolet Light Stability, Non-yellowing

            Anti-Skid Characteristics

            Moisture Tolerant Formulas

            Low Temperature Environment



            Labor, Union or Non-Union

            Scheduling, Flexible and Accommodating, Regular/Premium Time

            Consultation and Training

            Supervisory Services

            Fully Equipped with Latest High Production Equipment




            One Year Against Defects in Materials or Workmanship (Subject to specific details of given project. )

 Customer Service Support

Parts - OEM, Aftermarket, Used:
            Large Inventory
            Fast Delivery
            Low Price!

Service - Road, Shop, Major Rebuild:
            Expert Training
            Fully Equipped
            Quick Response

Rental - Material Handeling, Maintence, Floor Care

            Late Model Fleet
            Delivery & P/U

Rental Equipment-  Pease Call for Current Pricing!

Installation - Floor Treating & Care, Racks & Shelving, Docks & Shelters, Doors & Custom Mechanical Work


Financing - Start-Ups, Difficult Credit, Top Credit, Fast Approval, Lowest Prices

            Time Sales



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